Cap Classique

In 1991 my Mom and Dad planted a block of Pinot Noir PN52, a Burgundy clone selected for use in the production of Pongrácz, Methode Cap Classique.

Thirty years on, with the vineyard still in pristine condition, it seemed time to produce our maiden vintage of The Hills Cap Classique. Time to call on the expertise of Matt Krone.

Grapes were picked by hand and delivered to the cellar.

Cap Classique undergoes two fermentations: the first in a tank (or barrel) to create a light, still, base wine and the second in the bottle where the future bubbles are formed.

But I am getting ahead of myself. After the primary fermentation, our base wine was bottled with a small quantity of yeast and sugar and closed with a crown cork.

Carbonic gas formed as a by-product during secondary fermentation, will be absorbed under pressure to eventually be released in the glass as those tingling bubbles. This natural process should not be rushed and despite my inquisitiveness, I must wait for a year or two to continue this story.