Relocation of a Cape Cobra

Some time ago, Alan and I attended a snake handling course.

Our initial encounters on the farm included a resident, non-venomous Mole Snake and a harmless Aurora House Snake

As well as a mildly venomous Spotted Skaapsteker.

Then one day Owen alerted me to a snake that had been harassed by a pair of Common Fiscal shrikes and had sought refuge in a woodpile. Armed with my tongs and bucket, I kept watch while Owen slowly removed the wood from the pile.

Suddenly the snake emerged. I missed it on my first attempt but caught it on the second. A highly venomous Cape Cobra!

After a quick lesson, Owen helped me get the snake into the bucket.

After lots of photographs, Owen and I released the snake into the fynbos on a hill of a neighbouring farm.

Whilst I have the kit and the training, I hope not to have to do this too often!