Preparing For The Next Harvest – Spring & Summer

With the Wisteria in full bloom, Spring is upon us!

Wisteria 2017-09-17 10.26.25


And “Bud Burst” in the Pinot Noir not far behind!

Bud Birst 2016-09-16 12.26.47

2017-10-10 07.55.45


Did you notice the stick insect (Phasmid)?

2017-10-10 07.54.55


Suckering is the next major vineyard activity, where excess shoots are removed.

Pre Suckering

Pre Suckering 2017-09-28 17.30.00

Post Suckering

Post Suckering 2017-09-28 17.33.21

Again the focus is on restricting the crop to maximize fruit quality. You can’t make good wine from poor fruit!

And of course we get a little after hours suckering assistance from the elusive Grysbok!

2017-10-06 18.32.44


Flowering and fruit set follow.

2016-10-09 15.00.33

2016-11-25 17.25.45


Canopies are managed throughout the growing season to ensure free air flow and exposure to sunshine without burning the bunches.



Veraison sees the onset of ripening

2017-01-05 09.51.09


With Pinot Noir being our first cultivar to ripen.



And when the March Lilies bloom, the Cabernet Sauvignon is well on its way to optimal ripeness.

2018-03-17 18.09.23

2018-03-17 18.13.18


Grapes are harvested by hand into crates



And delivered to the cellar for pressing and fermentation.



And then to slowly mature in French Oak barrels.

2016-03-29 09.44.11