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The Hills Ensemble

We have three Cabernet Sauvignon and one Shiraz vineyard of approximately 0.75 hectare each. The vineyards are established on deep, well drained weathered granite soils and are generally located on north-east facing slopes. The vineyards are trellised and the canopies managed throughout the season to ensure optimum phenolic ripeness of the grapes. Supplementary drip irrigation is applied. The crops are reduced to between 6 and 10 tons per hectare respectively by suckering soon after bud burst, followed by one ‘green harvest’ later in the year. This contributes to the intense flavours of the wine.

Blend:  Cabernet Sauvignon 60%, Shiraz 40%

Winemaking:  Separate fermentation of the two cultivars with selected yeasts in semi-open fermentation vats. Made in a classic, low intervention manner without extended maceration. Matured for 24 months in new, second and third fill French Oak barrels, racked at intervals as necessary. The two cultivars were blended and lightly polished before bottling.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Opaque with bright purple rim

Aroma: Ripe red fruit and chocolate aromas backed up by hints of cedar and spice from the French Oak

Palate: This blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz brings out the best of the two cultivars. A well balanced wine with grainy tannins that will continue to soften. Fresh red fruit and ripe plum flavours dominate, with hints of chocolate, tobacco, black pepper and cedar.

Good to drink when released but will continue to improve over the next 6 – 8 years.

Currently available:

  • Ensemble 2013 (CS 60% / SH 40%)
  • Ensemble 2014 (CS 60% / SH 40 %)
  • Ensemble 2015 (CS 60% / SH 40%)


  • Ensemble 2009 (CS 60% / SH 40%) – WineStyle People’s Choice – Gold Award
  • Ensemble 2010 (CS 60% / SH 40%) – WineStyle People’s Choice – Silver Award

Platter’s Ratings:

Ensemble 2008 – 3 stars

Ensemble 2009 – 3 stars

Ensemble 2010 – 3 stars

Ensemble 2011 – 3 stars

Ensemble 2013 – 3½ stars

Ensemble 2014 – 2½ stars

Ensemble 2015 – 2½ stars



The Hills Chenin Blanc

Remnants of an old Chenin Blanc vineyard line the entrance road to the farm. The original vineyard was established on deep, well drained weathered granite soils located on the crest of a hill. The vines are trellised and the canopy managed throughout the season to ensure optimum phenolic ripeness of the grapes. No supplementary drip irrigation is applied, with reliance on natural precipitation. The crop yield is naturally low due to the age of the vines.

Blend: Chenin Blanc  100%

Winemaking: The grapes are cooled, crushed and pressed on delivery to the cellar. Fermented with Chenin yeasts in closed fermentation tanks. On completion of fermentation the wine remains on the lees for approximately 6 weeks before cold stabilization and light filtering ahead of bottling.

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Clear light green.

Aroma: Subtle melon, peach and citrus notes.

Palate: A crisp, well balanced dry white wine that served chilled will complement fish, white meat and vegetarian dishes.

Enjoy within three to five years of vintage.

Currently Available:

  • Chenin Blanc 2020